Thursday, February 28, 2013

A sweet vegan treat from Waitrose.

Waitrose has a vegan list.
I found on it, Iced Belgian Buns. Wow! Just had to try them.  2 for £1, very reasonable!
Checked the ingredients on the pack, just incase they had made a mistake - nothing to worry about.
Fabulous to have a shop bought iced bun with a cup of tea. Sweet and satisfying. Lots of currants  and a very sweet icing topping, with a glace cherry. Perfect. A big thank you to Waitrose!
next I want to try their vegan iced finger  buns.

The section of 'Morning goods' from the Waitrose Vegan list:

MORNING GOODS 57225 6 Hot Cross Buns 6s Essential Waitrose
76961 6 Fruited Teacakes 6s Essential Waitrose
82910 6 Iced finger buns 6s Essential Waitrose
89978 2 Iced Belgian buns 2s Essential Waitrose
489018 5 Plain Bagels 5s Essential Waitrose
495729 5 Sesame Seed Bagel 5s Essential Waitrose
637059 Organic Multi-grain Bagels (5 Pack) 5s Organic
758616 5 Cinnamon, Raisin & Apple Bagels 5s Essential Waitrose
793301 10 Mini Plain Bagels 10s Essential Waitrose

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