Saturday, November 10, 2012

Vegan Junk Food. Wicked and Delicious!

 Healthy food is fab, but every now and again, it's nice to eat junk food. vegans are no exception to this (well I'm not at least!).
What better on a lazy Saturday, than to have a delicious fat full dinner.
First, saute a mix of chopped onions, (red and white), cubed courgette and diced chestnut mushrooms. Let the smell of fried mushrooms fill your senses, I love it.
Put this tasty mix to the side (keep warm).

Put some spicy wedges in the oven to be cooking, while getting on with the rest of the food.
Then get the Fry's ' Spicey Burgers. Mmmmmm delicious.
You can use the same frying pan to fry these, the juices from the above season the burgers nicely. Turn occasionally, and try not to burn them (my usual type of cooking!)

 Next we have the 'Chicken' pops, another tasty savoury from Fry's.
The don't take long to cook, just light oil, turn regularly, and add the fruit seasoning right at the end. They're delicious. A bit of a treat - as not easy to find in shops!

All done. Find a lovely soft sesame burger bap. make up your burger, add to your plate, the spicy potato wedges, on this occasion I used McCain's lightly spiced wedges. McCain's have a vegan suitable list. Complete it with the mushroom mix, and 'chicken' pops, you have a truly, tasty, satisfying, junk food, meal. Now where's my glass of wine ! Perfect!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

simple, easy way to stop those cold sores!

As a former cold sore sufferer, I know how painful, and nasty they can be. Not to mention unsightly.
A few years ago, an alternative therapist, who was also a qualified doctor (medicine), told me that to stop a cold sore breaking out, take a multi-b-vitamin at the very first sign of a tingle. I was sceptical at first, but decided to give it a try. Couldn't do any harm, anyway! So over the last few years I have taken different brands of multi-b-vitamins, and different strengths. It doesn't make a difference, but it does work! The latest ones I've bought are from Sainsbury's, were reasonably cheap, and small enough to swallow easily, and are labelled as vegan. I have not had a cold sore since I have started to take a multi-b-vitamin at the first sign of one. Mind over matter? I don't know. Does it matter? It works for me. When I tell cold sore sufferers about his, I can see the scepticism in their face, so I doubt very much whether anyone actually tries it. Why not give it a go, it could be the end of those miserable cold sores.