Monday, March 4, 2013

A Mothers Love

Today we went to  Cefn Mably Farm Park .
I have mixed feelings about farm parks. Part of what they do is take in rescued animals. Some they rehome, some live there. There is plenty for children to do, feed the animals, walk around feeding the sheep, or horses, or goats or ponies, or cows by hand Have a picnic, play in the sandpit, ride on the toy tractors, have a ride on the go-karts, play with real diggers, climb on redundant tractors, play on the climbing frame, have a horse ride, have a rabbit on their lap, and brush it, play in the playground. there's a softplay area, a cafe, a farm shop................. and that's where the fun stops, the realisation that the cafe sell meat products, the shop sells large slabs of animals cut up. This is where some of the beautiful animals end up. I asked about the animals, where do they come from, what happens to them, the staff seemed a bit uncomfortable answering me but obviously wanted to appear confident that what they are doing is ok. The rabbits are all rescues taken in, pets that are now unwanted, some are rehomed, some stay there if they have health problems, or are elderly, or for some other reason would not be easy to rehome. There's a 'cat room' with several  cats, who are living there permanently, never going out. Seems a bit confined, but I guess if that's their only option, rather that than dying of starvation, or illness, or being put down.
Then comes the crunch questions," what about the sheep and pigs", there are piglets and baby lambs have just been born, they are so adorable. they are 'borrowed' from a nearby farm, as part of the attraction, and returned. Then realising that they have tagged ears, and some sheep have coloured dye on their backs. OMG - they are going to be slaughtered and sold for food. That's the reality of it. Those poor, beautiful creatures are on a time limit. It made me so sad. Of course it happens. Of course they have a better life than factory farmed animals, but to look into their eyes, and know they are going to be slaughtered for man's greed, is unbearable. You only have to look at them to know they are intelligent, feeling beings.

 A mother pig had had piglets. We were privileged to  be present when she fed them. They were busy little piggies, around her feet, so she gently laid down, and let them feed. they scrambled over each other  until each of them was settled onto her nipples. There they suckled, while mama pig grunted rhythmically, which sounded like a giant kitten purring.
When each of them had finished, they went up to their mama, and kissed her. Such a sweet moment, they were thanking her for the milk!

How anyone can see them and then go off and eat pork, or bacon, or lamb, or chicken, or any other animals is beyond me.

So glad I'm vegan!