Sunday, September 25, 2011

Ever stuck for what to do with left over cabbage?

A cabbage goes a long way. Nice steamed with a cooked dinner, but even feeding a few people, usually leaves some left over. So what do you do with it? Feed it to a friendly rabbit? Make cabbage soup? mmmm, maybe - I'll have to work on a recipe for that (cabbage soup that is!)
How about spicy sauteed cabbage. I admit it doesn't look too inviting, but it tasted delicious. So now thatIi have that recipe, I'll never have waste left over cabbage again! It's quick, it's tasty.
Ingredients: cabbage (any cabbage, any colour, any amount and the cabbage doesn't have to be pre-cooked), olive oil for sauteing, cayenne pepper, now experiment with this, as we tend to like spice food, so try a small shake the first time, as cayenne pepper is hot. Add garlic, again adjust to taste, as we are BIG fans of garlic, and I added 4 large chopped cloves. A shake of natural sea salt (or not if you prefer). That's it simple. All in a large deep sided frying pan, turn up heat, and saute. let it brown slightly, keep turning it. It doesn't take long, as it's nice to have the cabbage textured (but not crunchy!) and not all over cooked. Voila! Spicy cabbage. Serve hot, with vegetables of your choice, a lovely addition to any meal.