Friday, February 4, 2011

Freedom Frozen Dessert .............. for Allergy sufferers and everyone else!Recipe Free From... * Dairy * Sugar * Gluten * Soya * Egg * Nuts * Artificial flavours or colours Suitable for vegetarians, coeliacs and vegans

An interesting introduction to Freedom Frozen Dessert.
Available from a range of large Supermarkets, as well as independent retailers, so easily available. I happened to spot the Vanilla flavour at a local Adsa store, and the "vegan" labelling drew me to it. I had to try some. A new vegan product always has to be tried! It reminded me of a glace rather than an ice-cream, and was refreshing and sweet. I liked it. i like the company's profile and history. I like the fact that it can appeal to such a wide audience, why shouldn't allergy sufferers have treats too. A fabulous idea, and a lovely product. It was kinda luxurious without the guilt! or at least that's what it seemed like to me. Now I want to try the other flavours, mmmmmmmmm quite fancy the chocolate one right now!