Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Update on my Ikea lamp.

Ikea not such a good idea. days of glorious sunshine, and the light still does not work. Faulty product or not suitable for UK environment? Either way, I've given up on it, and given it away.
Fab idea but if the product doesn't live up to expectations, it's just no good!

However, I've found another light product that I'm super impressed with - a wind-up torch. It works, and I've used it when the fuse box blew. It does what you'd expect it to do, and is easy to wind up. I like it. Can't remember where I bought it, but it may have been a garden centre or somewhere like that? anyway, I recommend it as a good little gadget, put it in a safe place, and next time the power goes out, wind it up, and hey-presto- you have light. easy peasy, and it's light and compact, so easy to keep anywhere.

The world of reusable nappies..........................

The world of reusable nappies gets ever so complicated. Different brands and different fabrics, different fits and different washing instructions.
I was glad to find a washing powder that has been made specifically for reusable, nappies. Potion made by TotsBots fits the bill.
It has been designed to be used at a lower temperature of 30degrees, so saving on heating water costs to the pocket and planet.
Not tested on animals and stated as vegan. Excellent buy!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Reusable is so much better for so many reasons! at least that's what I think...

There are many versions of reusable nappies on the market. They come in a range of colours, patterns, sizes, fabrics. Something for everyone. But where does a novice start? We had that predicament. We researched the market a bit, and tried quite a few makes, but in the end it's very much try it and see what suits the individual.
We found the type that suits us the best (as in seems to keep waste in best) is the PopIn by Close Parent. They have a good selection, and seem comfortable, easy to use, adjustable, washes well, and will keep baby dry for about 2 hours or so. Some of the others we tried, leaked very quickly. Some seemed less comfortable around the leg. So all in all these seem to fit our need. We still use disposable for night-time or going out, as the reusable do not keep the waste in as long, so going anywhere for longer than an hour or so  would be difficult, and overnight would mean too many changes. However, while at home, we happily use these reusable nappies. It's a compromise, but every little counts!
But, now here's a big BUT! reading about the impact on disposable nappies (diapers) v reusable, apparently there's a big debate going on. Now without going into the whole argument, briefly summarised it's about landfill v energy and water use (for washing nappies) and the land needed for cotton for reusable. More can be read by googling the subject or click here for one article about the debate from familiesonline. So I guess it's about personal choice. And now I'm off to do a bit more reading about the pro's and cons of nappy types!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Vegan by chance, eco by design.

I went shopping in Ikea recently, and found this solar charged desk light. A fabulous idea, and I had to have one. Now, I know the UK is not very sunny, not even in summer are we guaranteed glorious sunshine! But I assumed that if they were selling them in the UK, they would be suitable. Well, hmmmmm, maybe I have to wait until the summer for my final judgement on this, but so far, it doesn't work :(
The instructions say the initial charging time is 12hours of sunshine, outdoors sunshine, not through a window. I've put the charge pack outside for several days in various places outdoors, on days when it has been sunny, and so far ....nothing...... No light.
The solar pack pushed out of the light base easily, so it is simple enough to charge. it's a great idea. Free power for lighting, and portable -  it's quite light and the arm is flexible (bendy) so could be used anywhere. But without being able to get enough sunshine to charge it up, it's a waste of money. It may be just a money making gimmick, it may be a fabulous energy saving, eco deivce, that I can sing praises about, while saving money and helping the earth, but so far, it's just a desk light that doesn't work. I'll keep my fingers crossed for a happy surprise in the summer!