Saturday, February 20, 2010

Third part of the Vegan Craft Samples Bag - such a lot of goodies!

The Vegan Sample Bags contain lots and lots of wonderful vegan goods. Opening the bag is such a wonderful surprise, filled with a fabulous assortment, all from amazing talented artists and crafters. I excitiedly dipped into my Vegan Sample Bag to find this adorable card by Pandabunny:
Just in time for Valentine's day, and such a cute card. Pandabunny sells original artwork, prints, cards and more. A very talented artist, with everso cute designs.

Next out of the bag was this Lemongrass and Clary Sage soap from EatMeAlive . A curious name, I checked out the 'about' section of their shop. None the wiser, but nice to read about the shop. The soap smells divine, so fresh and inviting, I am so looking forward to using it.

The next item was an interesting, colourful packet that contains seeds to grow Ruby Queen Beet from Hudson Valley Seed Library. Inside the packet are the seeds, instructions on sowing, and a bit about the artist that designed the packet. very cute indeed.

Kittyanydots is the designer of the lovely bag that the Vegan Craft Samples arrives in. Their shop sells cute kawaii cat and animal cards, prints, mirrors and other cute and delightful things. An adorably cute selection of birds, bunnies, cats and other animals, all very beautifully designed by Kittyanydots. A real Etsy treasure of a shop!

I absolutely adore this Pink Piggy Keychain/Zipper Pull from Ladies Blend Design Studio. As well as her own website, Ladies Blend has an etsy shop, selling imaginative Jewellery, many with hand stamped messages of inspiration.

 The next item out was this sweet little mini lavender sachet from Brynnalex. I love the smell of lavender. This little lavender sachet is going in my sock drawer, to keep them smelling lovely. The shop Brynnalex at etsy .
was set up as a memorial to Brynn who tragically lost her life in a traffic accident at the age of 12. There is a site dedicated to Brynn, and shares her hopes and dreams, with photos and words. Elaine, Brynn's mother has set up a memorial fund, to grant a bursary to help one student annually, who is excelling in the arts, fashion design or journalism, just as Brynn would have been. A wonderful way to remember a precious child, who was tragically taken away from her family.

The next sample I picked out was this lovely pot of cosmetic mineral eye shadow powder from PURE natural minerals. Wonderful Iced Mocha colour, an easy colour which will go with most things. The list of eye shadow mineral make up is fantastic, with a colour for every occassion. The etsy shop sells eye shadows, concealers, foundations, all in natural minerals.

So, another look at my amazing Vegan Sample Bag and a review of the wonderful items. And you know what? There's still more to come. I look forward to dipping deeper into my fabulous Vegan Sample Bag and seeing what delights I pick out next!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Crafter of the Red Pendant

In my previous post I mentioned that a Red Pendant included in my Vegan Craft Sample Bag had come seperated from the identity of the craft person who donated it. I'm very happy to report that the very talented crafter who donated the pendant was the wonderful Michele who's Etsy shop is called Mvegan5.
Michele is a very special Etsy member, as she founded Etsy for Animals which has done amazing work raising funds for animal charities worldwide. I admire Michele's dedication and drive in helping animals, she is truly an inspiration.
Her shop sells gorgeous, funky, Jewellery, cards, prints and lots more.
10% of everything sold at Mvegan5 is donated to an animal cause, and Michele also donated items to , and a very busy, generous, caring person, and I'm so delighted to have received one of her pendants.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Second part of Vegan Craft Samples Bag Review.

Another day, another exciting dip into my Vegan Craft Sample Bag.
So many goodies, which to look at first! How about this little mix:
A little Compassionate Shopping Guide from Leaping Bunny -
Lots of info about Cruelty Free Shopping from companies that do not test on animals.

Then there's the adorable Red Pendant, which I'm sorry to say I am not sure who donated it, as it's got mixed up with so many other goodies, it must have come away from it's sender. Wherever it's from, it's darling, and maybe the crafter who made it can let me know, and I'll review their shop in another post.

This funky card comes from Late to the Revolution. A novel card, showing vegan love in a unique way. I love it. Their shop sells imaginative  items such as handmade headphones, paper goods, beanies and lots more.

This sweet magnet, displaying a pretty pattern inspired from Japanese Temari balls from CraftyPanties.
Their shop has the most adorable Temari Balls and Fabric Balls, in wonderful colours and patterns. For those that don't know what Temari Balls are, check out Crafty Panties, and prepare to be amazed.

Crye's Creations was adorable little envelopes, the right size for business cards, I know i'll be using them soon! also cute little note books for those very inportant messages. love the pretty paper used. Her shop is full of lovely creative goodness such as art doll kits and mini envelopes.

A very useful lip balm from Earth Natural Essentials  . The lip balm is a tasty (!) peppermint flavour, and I used it straight away, this cold weather does nothing for my lips and the lip balm is fab! Their store has lots of vegan toiletries and cleaners, all vegan and made from earth freindly ingredients. there's also lots of information on the site, and it's well worth checking out.

Phew, lots of lovely vegan goody fun! and this is only just a little way through my Vegan Craft Sample Bag.
Have you got yours?


Friday, February 12, 2010

Vegan Craft Samples Valentine's Bag

Having just received my Vegan Craft Sample Bag, I wanted to blog about it. However, instead of posting a few photos and a general write up, as I have done previously, I decided to review each item and shop seperately. A bit of a mammoth task, since the bag is full of many lovely goodies, so I'm going to write about it in stages. Starting with a photo of the bag itself and a couple of photos of the items swished accross it.
As you can see, a fab mix of vegan goodies. Wanna see them close up? So did I. I had so much fun looking through my bag, and more fun photographing the individual items, cos I could them look at them all again!
In no particular order:
Anam Cara Candles Store
An adorable 'rose bouquet' scented t-light, in a little cute basket. it's a very pretty two tone pink, and smells light and lovely. I can't wait to try it.
The website has lots of adorable candles, just waiting to be tried out. (Be careful not to eat them - they look very tempting!)

I wanted to photograph the label as much as the incense sticks from Mrs Tattooed Geek.
The label is funky and very intriguing. the incense sticks have a strong smell, that will scent my room nicely. they are dusted with glitter, a very nice effect. The gorgeous Etsy shop sells such wonderful items as air fresheners, jewellery, candles, and lots of other fabulous delights.

How's that for starters, lots more samples and reviews to come, keep checking back, as I sample the samples, and am delighted at the delights!
Vegan Craft Samples can be bought HERE, and check out the blog for further information.
And I forgot to mention the important bit- as well as receiving a bag full of fantastic vegan items, 100% profits from the sale of the bags go to help animal charities - a perfect chance to treat yourself without the guilt of spending - it's all good!