Saturday, March 26, 2011

Trying to replace plastic in the home, one item at a time ..........

I won't claim to have done any research on this. I'm just going by what feels better for me. But lately i have been thinking a lot about replacing plastic in the home. Of course I already use re-usable bags for shopping, recycle what I can, and am trying to only buy things I need, rather than for the sake of it. But I am concerned about the effect plastic has on our well being. I use containers for storing food, in the fridge for keeping food fresh, and it occurred to me that the kettle is also plastic. it would be wasteful to just throw it away, as it works perfectly well. So I decided I will give it away to someone who doesn't mind plastic and really needs it. I bought a metal kettle.I may be wrong in thinking that metal is better (stainless steel), but my instinct tells me it's better for my body and the environment. As for performance, - the metal kettle is noisier, quite a bit noisier. and of course the outside of the metal kettle gets a lot hotter, so careful around it! At first the water tasted add, but after a few boils, it seems to taste fine. Now I must do some research into the benefits of a metal kettle as opposed to a plastic one, and I'll post my findings when I have.......................

Friday, March 18, 2011

Not such a website geek!

I've tried, oh how I've tried, but I cannot get on with a website! I've tried Mr Site, couldn't suss that out, tried 1and1, but no joy there either, my latest attempt is with Bluehost, but things are still not going right. I want a website that is easy to use, that I can update myself, and looks good. I tried the site feed from this blog, to go to my website, but no, after the first few feeds, it seems to have stopped, so I've just deleted the feed, as I didn't want my posts to be hanging in mid air (cyberspace), and gone back to good old blogger, that I understand on a basic level, maybe this is as good as it gets for me? If anyone has any ideas on how I can get a website that i can easily use and update as I please,, without spending a fortune on web designers, I'd like to know. oh, and if anyone wants to have a look at my pathetic attempt at a website via blue host, the address is:  .
Any ideas on how to improve the site would be gratefully received too!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Superdrug - They label products suitable for vegans!

What a super surprise I had when I went into a Superdrug Store and found that they label the products that are suitable for vegans.
So instead of just buying the one thing I had gone in for, I ended up with a basket full of moisturisers, toiletries, oh, everything I could use, and all labelled vegan! So, other shops, how about you follow the good example of Superdrug and give vegans a clue as to what is suitable for them, after all, it can only increase sales!
Thank you Superdrug, and WELL DONE!