Saturday, September 4, 2010

Eat Out Vegan Wales

This free booklet and Internet guide 'EAT OUT VEGAN WALES' is a must have for vegans in Wales or a Vegan visiting Wales. Areas are listed alphabetically, and it's a big help for vegan eating in the smaller towns of Wales , where one may otherwise not have known where on earth to find vegan food. It's nice to know, cafes and restaurants are being added regularly, and listings amended when establishments are less than vegan friendly.

Friday, September 3, 2010

A few of my favourite things..............................

 A look through any Vegan Etsy Team Members shop, will show a wonderful array of items all very inspirational and original. Here are a few of my favourite shops and items:

This darling kitty brooch by Mvegan5 is a wonderful example of the creative pieces you will find on Etsy.
Mvegan5 has a shop full of enchanting cards and jewellery. And for those that want something truly unique Mvegan5 offers Custom Animal Paintings.
Another favourite of mine is DaisyWares.
At DaisyWares you will find the most wonderful cruelty-free, vegan suitable toiletries, such as lip balms, face masks, body scrubs and soaps, including this amazing Lemon and Lime Soap - my favourite.
DaisyWares also sells beautiful and meaningful jewellery, some with a heartfelt message.

  MerryBluesArt has a fabulous assortment of art and paper goods that are eco-friendly, useful and very interesting.
Check out these DIY non toxic cleaning recipes. A novel idea, and handy to keep in your cleaning
cupboard for inspiration on green cleaning.

Finally I found this cute print by myzoetrope.
The print is titled "I got your back"
It's from the Forever Friends series of adorable prints.
Myzoetrope also sells cards and original art work. a delightful, colourful shop, with enchanting artwork.

By searching VeganEtsy Team, you will find a superb assortment of vegan items, something for everyone. And with christmas around the corner, maybe it's time to start looking!