Sunday, December 8, 2013

Eating out for Vegans - not always a nice choice!

Being Vegan and trying to find a place to eat out, can sometime be a task. However, living in Wales, has become easier, sine the wonderful guys at 'Eatoutveganwales' produced this wonderful guide. the guide is regularly updated, but relies heavily on information from vegans for submissions. I recently found out that a cafe-bar in the Whitchurch area of Cardiff,the Fino Lounge has a Vegan menu, alongside it's regular menu. That should have been fantastic. Indeed, recently I went there and ordered something from their vegan menu, and the food was acceptable and I was happy to have found somewhere where I can eat with my non-vegan friends, as so often I end up just having a drink, while they eat, as there's nothing vegan to be had. So imagine my disappointment, when I heard that someone who eat there found a piece of meat sausage in their 'vegan' panini, was it cross contamination, was it their idea of a joke at vegans, whatever the reason, it is not acceptable. When pointed out, first to the bar attendant, then the manager, the customer was met with a snide response. Not acceptable! Whatever happened to customer service! It could have been a simple mistake, an apology would have gone a long way in reassuring any vegan eating there, that it would not happen again, but this attitude stinks, and would lead me to believe it was done maliciously. So i will not be eating there again, I will make sure all my vegan friends know about this. Vegan issue or not, their attitude has lost them custom.

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