Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Vegan 'cheese' from Tesco

Well done Tesco for adding a new line of dairy free, vegan suitable chilled foods. they have yogurts, desserts, milks, cheeses.
Good news for vegan pizza lovers, the cheese melts, and tastes quite good. Makes fab toasted cheese and onion sandwiches!
the more mainstream vegan products become the more accessible to all, and a good way to promote veganism. Suddenly not so freaky that people have to ask 'where do you get that' or' and where is that- I never go there!'. Anyone can get to Tesco's, and try delicious dairy free foods. Now all we want is other supermarkets to follow their example and stock such delights! the vanilla desserts are delicious, and their caramel desserts are wonderful. I also like their natural yoghurt, which is unsweetened, and tastes quite creamy. Hey tescos, how about bringing out a whole range of vegan suitable savoury products, vegan burgers, ready meals etc now there's an idea.

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Hazel Ward said...

Excellent news - I saw this range on their website, but it didn't say whether they were vegan or just vegetarian. Thanks for the head's up :D