Sunday, February 26, 2012

Fabulous soaps from a lovely company in Wales.

I have discovered the most wonderful soaps. Made by a local couple, Derec and Rhian, who call their company 'Sebon Soaps'.
I chose two adorable soaps, one lavender and one patchouli and sweet orange. I really can't decide which I like best, as both are gorgeous. They are vegan suitable, and environmentally friendly, they are all natural and do not contain palm oils (which destroy the habitat of animals, and the rainforest). They lather nicely, and feel smooth and creamy on the skin. They smell divine. The soaps are sold on the website Sebon Soaps, or if you're in Cardiff on a Sunday morning, they can usually be found at the Riverside farmers market,  where you can also pick up delicious fresh fruit and veg, and get a vegan takeaway, from Fran, who also makes the most wonderful vegan welsh cakes. A lovely way to spend a sunny Sunday morning - a leisurely stroll alongside the Millennium Stadium, and check out the Riverside market.

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