Monday, April 4, 2011

Vegan by chance, eco by design.

I went shopping in Ikea recently, and found this solar charged desk light. A fabulous idea, and I had to have one. Now, I know the UK is not very sunny, not even in summer are we guaranteed glorious sunshine! But I assumed that if they were selling them in the UK, they would be suitable. Well, hmmmmm, maybe I have to wait until the summer for my final judgement on this, but so far, it doesn't work :(
The instructions say the initial charging time is 12hours of sunshine, outdoors sunshine, not through a window. I've put the charge pack outside for several days in various places outdoors, on days when it has been sunny, and so far ....nothing...... No light.
The solar pack pushed out of the light base easily, so it is simple enough to charge. it's a great idea. Free power for lighting, and portable -  it's quite light and the arm is flexible (bendy) so could be used anywhere. But without being able to get enough sunshine to charge it up, it's a waste of money. It may be just a money making gimmick, it may be a fabulous energy saving, eco deivce, that I can sing praises about, while saving money and helping the earth, but so far, it's just a desk light that doesn't work. I'll keep my fingers crossed for a happy surprise in the summer!

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