Friday, February 12, 2010

Vegan Craft Samples Valentine's Bag

Having just received my Vegan Craft Sample Bag, I wanted to blog about it. However, instead of posting a few photos and a general write up, as I have done previously, I decided to review each item and shop seperately. A bit of a mammoth task, since the bag is full of many lovely goodies, so I'm going to write about it in stages. Starting with a photo of the bag itself and a couple of photos of the items swished accross it.
As you can see, a fab mix of vegan goodies. Wanna see them close up? So did I. I had so much fun looking through my bag, and more fun photographing the individual items, cos I could them look at them all again!
In no particular order:
Anam Cara Candles Store
An adorable 'rose bouquet' scented t-light, in a little cute basket. it's a very pretty two tone pink, and smells light and lovely. I can't wait to try it.
The website has lots of adorable candles, just waiting to be tried out. (Be careful not to eat them - they look very tempting!)

I wanted to photograph the label as much as the incense sticks from Mrs Tattooed Geek.
The label is funky and very intriguing. the incense sticks have a strong smell, that will scent my room nicely. they are dusted with glitter, a very nice effect. The gorgeous Etsy shop sells such wonderful items as air fresheners, jewellery, candles, and lots of other fabulous delights.

How's that for starters, lots more samples and reviews to come, keep checking back, as I sample the samples, and am delighted at the delights!
Vegan Craft Samples can be bought HERE, and check out the blog for further information.
And I forgot to mention the important bit- as well as receiving a bag full of fantastic vegan items, 100% profits from the sale of the bags go to help animal charities - a perfect chance to treat yourself without the guilt of spending - it's all good!

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mvegan said...

so fun! I love contributing to and receiving these fabulous bags! ;0) looking fwd. to the other write ups! yay! michele