Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Crafter of the Red Pendant

In my previous post I mentioned that a Red Pendant included in my Vegan Craft Sample Bag had come seperated from the identity of the craft person who donated it. I'm very happy to report that the very talented crafter who donated the pendant was the wonderful Michele who's Etsy shop is called Mvegan5.
Michele is a very special Etsy member, as she founded Etsy for Animals which has done amazing work raising funds for animal charities worldwide. I admire Michele's dedication and drive in helping animals, she is truly an inspiration.
Her shop sells gorgeous, funky, Jewellery, cards, prints and lots more.
10% of everything sold at Mvegan5 is donated to an animal cause, and Michele also donated items to , and a very busy, generous, caring person, and I'm so delighted to have received one of her pendants.

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mvegan said...

Thank you so much, Kim! So happy you got this pendant in the awesome Vegan Craft Samples! ;0) Love your new blog, really cool! Thanks for all you do for the animals and veganism! Michele