Saturday, August 14, 2010

On a lovely sunny day, who wouldn't want a delicious vegan ice-cream?

Take a wafer cone - I used one from the Carousel Wafer Company which is vegan suitable, and available from Sainsbury's supermarket.

Fill it with a  mix of chocolate, strawberry and vanilla ice-cream from Swedish Glace. Available from good supermarkets or wholefood shops. Swedish Glace make a wonderful selection of non-dairy "ice-creams", all vegan and kosher certified.

Top if off with a couple of minty crisp wafer thins, I had a box of Mint Thins from Waitrose, that are vegan suitable and very tasty indeed.

The result is a very satisfying, delicious vegan ice-cream cone with chocolate mint wafers.
Being vegan certainly doesn't mean missing out on tasty treats.

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