Tuesday, May 4, 2010

next time you're in Brighton.............

I love Brighton! I love to visit Brighton. I must get my Brighton fix about once a year, it seems that a weekend does the trick! It is veggie heaven. Brighton is a very liberal sort of city, a bit alternative a bit touristy, very gay in many ways, and a wonderful place for veggies, especially vegans.
No-one could possibly check out all the veggie places in a couple of days, but there are a few tried and tested cafes and shops, that I throughly recommend.
Firstly, a place to stay. we usually stay at Paskins Town House . The rooms are clean and bright. the owners are friendly, and they cook a very satisfying full vegan breakfast. that'll set you up for the day! A bit of advice though- it's not exclusively vegan, so try to sit as far away from anyone who looks like they may order smoked kippers or a full english breakfast- yuk!
It's a gentle walk, about 10-15 mins, along the seafront to the town. Just take in that fresh sea air, and stroll on down.
The town can get very busy, after all, it's a very well known tourist spot, so I would recommend going into town early to avoid a lot of people traffic. I prefer the North Lanes to the Laines, as the Laines tend to be a lot of expensive shops and jewellery shops, whereas the North Laines are hip, cool, trendy, all styles and prices, something for everyone, lots of cafes in the street, with colourful people watching the world go by.

My favourite shops include Vegetarian Shoes, where you can buy vegan suitable shoes in all sorts of styles, including the famous Vegan Airseal boots.

The North Lanes are full of eclectic shops, and it's easy for the day to pass by while you browse in them.
There happened to be an Art and Craft fair at Komedia, which has stalls of handcrafted items from gifts to clothes to household goods. it's held monthly, and is worth checking out, Free entry.

At Cafe Iydea we had the most delicious vegan cake and coffee. It had pieces of fruit in it, and was sweet and creamy and light, and simply divine. One of the best vegan cakes I have ever had.

Later in the day we called into Terre a Terre. Where we were lucky enough to get seats without a reservation, although it would be wise to book if you had the time to plan it. the food was wonderful, the ambiance calm, the staff attentive and polite. It was lovely.

The next day we visited V Bites. It's funky, it's fun, it's family friendly. The amazing Heather Mills has opened her very own Vegan Cafe , how cool is that! she's also bought Redwoods who sell a range of meat and cheese alternatives that are all vegan suitable.Heather has recent launched V Bites in the US, and I hear it's going very well.
Thank you Heather for having such admirable beliefs, and putting her money where her mouth is. She's a straight talking no nonsense kinda gal, who is a fierce defender of animals rights and human rights, and has done some wonderful work promoting causes and raising funds. I can't praise her enough, and hope her ventures go from strength to strength.

Brighton is the place for fashion, politics, cafes and shopping, and I love it.

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